If I record myself sleeping at night,
Will I be surprised when I hear the ghost of your breath on the playback.

I feel like I’m growing into myself,
And falling out of myself,

It’s like finally finding a pair of bowling shoes that will fit my odd, rectangular feet,
But wearing socks 5 times my size.

Dooodles. Dooodles.


You put a sparkle in her eye, 

no wonder she couldn’t see the real man in front of her. 

I’m still searching for that rhythm you seemed to tap into my chest.

Palms faced towards the ceiling.
An insomniac cat cried at the moon during the day.
Blue error message displayed on the digital billboard.
Mouth of the meditator formed words, but made no sounds.

Too bad,
By the time you find my poems-
They’ll be free of your image.


putting poems in a little booklet for my future site. 

One day I’ll get good at this and people will come from far and wide to see my awesome pdfs.