I once found your poem
On a street corner,
In an apartment with the lights out.

In an apartment with the lights out, where the only sound was your breath.

I’ve done enough stupid shit to know better,
Be the wiser.
But my moral philosophy is in infinity and the limitless scope of human potential.

Fucking amaze me.

Don’t kiss him-
You clumsy ass.

ROAD -Sug4rsh0ts

Sometimes, I order coffee to hear someone say my name. 

I need to clean my room.
I need to clean my bedding.
I need to clean my skin of sin.
Scrub the layers, till I’m a walking monster of flesh,
To be fed to the cannibals for their midnight snack.
Spit out the bones and grind them to powder,
For that beautiful girl’s nose.

My brain let’s out a white noise,
In an almost inaudible quantity.
A white Muslim girl feeds birds in a trees.
A Walgreen’s sign fixes it’s lights under the letter ‘A’ and ‘N’.
There’s signs for a garage sell written in Ross Art markers, fading from a week past.
There’s jet lines in the air and I wonder how they got there. We pull into the location.

I’m going to hike a mountain.
I am going to hike it until my legs tremble and collapse.
This world exhausts me lifetimes in hours.
All the noise-
filters it into the red dirt of the mountain.
If I reach the top I can still see billboards
the filter- it breaks.
Unpurified water touches my tongue
And I am perishable.

bring me to the internet. 

tag my #existence into yours.

brand me, and advertise #me. 

lead me not to just consume, but to #share the consumption.

let us track our #friendship. 

and in content creation for #raw fruitless waste- 

the world shall know our #name. 

the glorification of the rot

and coffee stained teeth,

the brokenhearted,

the lost and damned-

is just the yearning of air. 

It’s all around us and yet

we groan to feel it cut into us.